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A Year of Outstanding Safety Achievements

POSTED JAN 29, 2010


On behalf of Shaw Electric and Shaw Systems & Integration, I would like to congratulate and thank our employees for their participation, hard work and commitment to our health and safety program. The foundation of our program, Health, Safety, Awareness & Wellness along with your efforts enabled Shaw to achieve three outstanding and significant safety goals in 2009.


  • Only three employee injuries were recorded for 2009, the lowest total and claims costs in a decade. This is a continuation of a downward trend over the past three years and reflects our commitment on providing a hazard-free work environment.
  • Commencing Jan. 1, Shaw Electric’s Employer Modification Rate (EMR) as calculated by the State of Michigan is .89, and for the third consecutive year a reduction of our modification rate.
  • For the third consecutive year, significant savings on insurance costs were realized during our renewal process. Since 2007, Shaw has reduced insurance related costs by one third while improving coverage.


Elimination of work place injuries is the catalyst for reducing the modification rate and insurance costs. As a new decade unfolds we have a unique opportunity to capture the momentum generated by our health and safety achievements and apply our success to the year ahead.


The future success of Shaw’s health and safety programs will be measured by the commitment of our employees to work in a safe environment. Thank you again, for your continued support and efforts on keeping our employees SAFE.


Jim Vanderhull

Risk Manager

  • ISO 9001:2008